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BJA Painting Services are your local Auckland based house painters providing professional and expert interior painting services.

You have the furniture, the fine art pieces, the designer dog – now it’s time to co-ordinate them all with a beautiful interior paint finish that will tie them all together.

BJA Painting Services will guide you right from the free quote to final top coat that will ensure your home interior is everything you imagined it be – and more.

Maybe your life’s simpler and doesn’t involve expensive furniture or dog breeds that sound like something out of Dr.Seus (Labradoodle…seriously?)

I can give your entire house interior a fresh coat of paint that will endure the rigours of everyday kiwi life and boost the tired look of your home.

Interior Painting is like turning over a fresh page in a home, it resets the mood, clears away the cobwebs and allows a new chapter to begin in life.

Whether you have just moved into your new home, are preparing to sell and want to increase value or even if you’re tired of staring at multiple shades of off-white every day at breakfast – BJA Painting Services will rejuvenate your house interior and set the stage for your new life.

The BJA Painting Services Difference.

Look up from your phone or computer right now and look around at your home or business that you are in.

Take a look at the details, the wooden trim around the windows, the architraves and skirtings. They are details that are never thought about, just things that blend into the background and everyone ignores.

The only time they are thought about is when they get painted, and often times, they get painted poorly.

No preparation work is done on the existing paint, no masking tape to be found and usually painted with the cheapest paint brush that leaves bristle strokes a centimetre thick.

After a poor paint job they definitely will get noticed – by everyone.

It’s embarrassing.

To you, and your business.

Now take a look at the walls or ceiling. Is the paint all one colour? Is it neat in the corners where the paint meets the skirtings or is there a distinguished change in paint quality?

Chances are you can see it and that all points toward poor surface preparation and rushed gib stopping.

Now, if you were looking around an interior room that BJA Painting Services has painted, you will not see anything or the kind.

Just smooth, even painted walls and ceilings without patchy areas, gib lines or brush lines.

We want the interior painting finish to look so seamless and smooth that you will be scratching your head wondering how a human could achieve such perfection.

Well, I will share my secret to getting a perfect interior paint finish.

The secret is in the painters attention to detail and dedication to taking the effort to prepare the surface properly.

With a rough surface, paint will NEVER look good and no matter how thickly you apply it, the paint will not hide a poor prep job.

That is why BJA Painting Services also offers gib stopping and plastering in our service list.

You can hire us right from the moment the builders have installed the gib and we can take care of the rest. No need to hire other trades and going through the hassle of chasing yet another person to finish your work.

After we have prepared the interior for painting, we will get a base coat down and mark off any details like skirtings for painting separately.

Attention to detail and a quality finish is all part of what BJA Painting Services strives for as a professional Auckland painter.

We firmly believe in the old adage: Do it once and do it right.

I Need My Interior Painted – How Do I Begin?

If you are wanting professional, on time and reliable Auckland painters, then look no further than BJA Painting Services.

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We are more than just West Auckland Interior Painters, with our service area extending to the North Shore, Central Auckland and South Auckland.

Your beautiful interior walls await, only one phone call/email gets the ball rolling.

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